About Us

Our focus is providing superior images for a more accurate diagnosis.

Our commitment is to provide an imaging environment of the highest quality, from the sophisticated equipment we choose to the professionalism with which we deliver our patient services.

Our two convenient locations have provided the highest level of diagnostic care since opening our doors in Citrus County in 2002.

Our second center in Ocala opened in 2005, conveniently located on 1st avenue near the hospitals.

In 2017 we upgraded our equipment at both locations choosing the newest generation of GE Discovery IQ scanners. This new technology ensures the highest quality imaging, faster scan times and reduced radiation.

We are staying true to our commitment to our patients and their physicians by providing the latest technology for more accurate diagnoses.

Services Provided

  • PET/CT’s
  • Diagnostic CT’s (including CTA’s)
  • Non-Stress Cardiac Viability
  • Axumin (for Prostate Cancer)
  • Alzheimers Brain Studies

Please call our office for more information.

Our Staff

Owner: K. Joseph Kappel