What Can PET/CT Tell Me?

Discover the importance of early detection.

The PET/CT scan is most effective at revealing information about cancer, brain disorders and cardiac viability (non-stress) within the body.

  • A PET/CT scan can detect abnormalities earlier than they could be detected by more conventional means.
  • The PET/CT images help visualize the spread of cancer throughout the body.
  • A PET/CT scan makes it possible to determine if a tumor is benign or malignant.
  • A PET/CT scan can be used as a follow-up to determine the effectiveness of cancer therapies.
  • A PET/CT scan is also highly effective when used in the diagnosis and evaluation of patients with memory disorders of an underdetermined cause.
  • A PET/CT scans allow for visualization of a very consistent diagnostic pattern for Alzheimer’s Diseases. This pattern can often be recognized with a PET/CT scan years before a physician would be able to confirm the diagnosis.
    A new tracer for Prostate Cancer, Axumin, is currently approved by Medicare only. There are restrictions and certain requirements for coverage so please contact our office for the latest information.