Patient Instructions

Please keep these things in mind prior to your visit.

To ensure the most accurate imaging and interpretation the following instructions must be followed. Do not eat anything 4 hours prior to your appointment time. Hydration is extremely important but ONLY DRINK WATER. Increase your water intake 24 hours prior to your appointment. You may also take all your medications, unless you are restricted by ingesting them on a full stomach or with food.

We also ask that you do not exercise 24 hours prior to your exam and be sure to wear loose, warm, comfortable clothes without metal buttons, jeweled/rhinestone design or zippers. Please leave all your jewelry and valuables at home, but you will need to bring your insurance cards and some form of photo identification.

For Insulin-Dependent Diabetics

  • The patient will be scheduled for a morning appointment.
  • The patient must strictly adhere to a LOW CARBOHYDRATE — NO SUGAR — HIGH PROTEIN Diet for 24hrs prior to exam
  • Nothing to eat (NPO) after midnight prior to exam date
  • Nothing to eat and no insulin on the morning of the exam
  • Bring insulin to the appointment
  • Follow the other restrictions listed (see above)
  • Increase hydration – but only with water

What to Expect